Lego Minifigures: now you can buy just the little people

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Lego Magician: it's the red bow tie and cumberbund that give it awayLego fanatics will be hurrying to clear space on their displays shelves in order to make way for one of the most exciting collections Lego has ever released: Minifigures.

Yes, the small figurines of yellow epidermal hue are to feature in a special collection of their own, with the tiny toys being sold individually for the first time. What on earth took Lego so long?

At £1.99 Minifigures are sold individually in a foil sealed “mystery” packaging bag, that not only includes the little Lego person but also a special accessory, a display plate and a collector’s leaflet. The first series of Minifigures will be available for a limited time only.

There are 16 characters in the first series, with a further 16 figures being released in September. No doubt this will be a collection that will grow and grow; hopefully not too fast as my own finite pocket resources do have other commitments, such as, the Cognac region of France.

There’s a dedicated website for the Minifigures; where visitors can view character biographies, download files and play games. The website address is:

Danielle Brazier, assistant brand manager for Lego stated: “Lego fans have been asking if it would be possible to collect individual Minifigures and I’m excited to announce that as from today the answer is ‘Yes’. Minifigures have been an integral part of Lego for many years as they’re so iconic – now fans will be able to buy a new collectible set from this first launch series, available for £1.99 each.”

For the few that are curious, my own Most Wanted (nae, coveted) Minifigure is the magician.

Lego Minifigures Series 1
available now at:

Lego Minifigures Series 1 (#8683)