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Carousel Wooden Dolls House by TescoNot a Christmas morning goes by without legions of parents exclaiming expletives of frustration when it comes to unpacking toys for their impatient children.

Toys are often secured into boxes by all sorts of devious methods: string, cable ties, twisted plastic wire, extra lumps of cardboard, sticky tape, moulded plastic thingamajigs and (most perversely of all) some manufacturers even think it’s a good idea to clamp things down with screws.

The reasons for this include: allowing the toy to be displayed effectively while still in the box, to prevent parts of the product getting lost or so it be can examined and tried without being removed from the packaging. Alternative reasons may well be simply spite or an anti-theft measure imposed by someone with a very pessimistic view of humanity.

Well, Tesco wanted to change all that with the launch of Carousel, its new pre-school brand. The supermarket chain hired Less Packaging to develop “a new concept of toy packaging”.

Greg Lawson, Managing partner at Less Packaging, said: “Tesco wanted to answer a real customer need by offering quick and easy access to their Carousel toys…” With toys typically taking over 4 minutes to remove from all their packaging, Lawson explained: “We were very careful to take time at the development stage, perfecting the balance between customer appeal and performance as well as reducing unpacking times to around 45 seconds across the range.”

Twisty metal ties were abolished from the range, with corrugated (cardboard) fittings used instead. Whilst this led to an overall increase in raw materials used and extra time spent on the assembly line, overall there were net benefits provided by manufacturing, supply chain and other cost savings.

So, no doubt we can all look forward to an extra 3 minutes and 15 seconds (per toy) of frustration-free festivities each time Christmas or a child’s birthday is celebrated.

Carousel is an own brand range available exclusively from Tesco.

Informer: Packaging Europe

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