Steve Jobs Action Man : Figure Cancelled

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Cancelled Steve Jobs GI Joe / Action Man style doll by In Icons

A planned action figure based upon the late Apple computer company founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, has been cancelled by the firm In Icons.

Steve Jobs passed away on 5th October 2011; and his passing, life and times was widely covered and celebrated by the press, television and new media (various internet sources). Recently an announcement was made about the production of a surprisingly well-sculpted, articulated toy representing the likeness of the man that oversaw the production of the Apple II, iPod, iPad and many other such technological creations.

The figurine itself, was supposedly based upon an original one-off made around four years ago by an Apple enthusiast; photographs of it, show it to be almost chillingly realistic.

Naturally, Jobs family members and lawyers working on behalf of Apple took exception to a small company or entrepreneur about to gain financial advantage from the death of Steve Jobs. Therefore, In Icons has cited “immense pressure” from concerned parties as the reason that they have decided to cancel production of the and refund any pre-orders made by would-be collectors.

Informer: In Icons