New LEGO Models Make it to the Top of Hamleys

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LEGO Sherlock Holmes Model in Hamleys (Regent Street, London)Hamleys is undergoing a re-refurbishment of its flagship store on London’s Regent Street. Work all ready seems to be well under-way and its LEGO department has been moved from the basement to an extended fifth floor.

Not only has the stock moved but there’s also a new set of large-scale models to see. This time LEGO’s master builders have designed and built models that have a London and British influence; a welcome change from Star Wars characters. Perfect to make LEGO afficiandos and tourists alike reach for their cameras and smart phones.

Here’s a few hasty snaps I took on my (rather modest) smart phone, whilst jostling for position amongst the many owners of long-lens (and rather expensive looking) photographic equipment.

LEGO Guardsman Model in Hamleys London

On guard.

LEGO London Red Telephone Box in Hamleys

“I’M IN HAMM-ER-LY’S! Yes, quite good actually. “

LEGO Queen and Corgi Lifesize Model in Hamleys

Majestic model

LEGO Policeman and Robber in Hamleys London

“GOTCHA!” Passing the 100 bucks

LEGO Villian Caught by Dog in Hamleys

“You’re NICKED! Er, I mean – WOOF! WOOF!”

LEGO Soldier in Hamleys London

You’re not supposed to smile!

LEGO Detective Large Model in Hamleys


LEGO Soldier Laying Down on the Job

A brick too far

LEGO the UK is now called Legoland

After Scotland gains independence, the rest of the UK is re-named “Legoland”

LEGO Givng the troops some Rah Rah

Motivation: Giving the troops some “Rah-Rah”

LEGO Keeping One's on One's Jewels

Keeping one’s eyes upon one’s jewels

LEGO Ninjago Eyes on the Prize

Duke of Edinburgh: “Didn’t I tell you about their eyes?”

LEGO: So here we are, on Hamleys Balcony for an Airfix Fly Past

Airfix will provide an indoor fly-past for Wills & Kate

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