Half Price Boggle Flash, now only £12.50 at The Entertainer

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Boggle Flash electronic letter blocksBoggle Flash, the word game, has been reduced by 50% at The Entertainer, it was previously sold for £25 but now it’s only £12.50.

In this updated electronic version of Boggle, instead of sixteen letter dice, you have five electronic letter blocks. To play, link them up in a line and press ‘Go’, five random letters are generated from which you need to make as many words as you can in 90 seconds.

Not with pencil and paper, but by linking-up the squares to make words; the game keeps track of the points you score, gained by the number words made and their length.

Boggle Flash in its packaging

Boggle Flash: half price at The Entertainer, was £25, now only £12.20