Whodunit in London? Just a Cluedo, It wasn’t Boris Johnson

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Cluedo London Edition by Winning MovesA new London edition of Cluedo was launched today in the shadows of the Houses of Parliament, Westminster. Anyone who passed-by the press event may have even thought they witnessed Boris Johnson clutching a Cluedo game box; but no you were merely fooled by an ill-fitting suit, unruly hair and the now familiar Boris Bike tat is available for hire.

This new edition of Cluedo hopes to be the first of many based on famous cities and other well populated parts of the world.

The London edition of Cluedo has St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and Wembley Stadium amongst its crime scenes, rather than the kitchen, library, etc. The protagonists have changed too, including a Mayor Mustard with a full head of blonde hair. However, the murder weapons remain the same, leaving encounters with a candlestick more likely than the social-realist London normality of meeting a hooded, jersey-suited youth armed a carpet knife and demanding your iPhone.

Winning Moves are the company behind this new edition; they hope to produce versions based on other major cities next year. The company are all ready responsible for a number of regional editions of Monopoly.