LEGO Opens New Office in London

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LEGO has opened its new four-floor office complex in central London. Situated inside the refurbished New Fetter Place office building owned by Kirkbi A/S, this new location for the company has many LEGO-themed design features but lacks private offices for management nor does it have partitioned cubicles for its nine-to-five troops.

Instead there is room to accommodate up to 200 staff within 2,291 square metres (24,660 square feet), in what is described as ‘flexible work zones’. Employees deposit belongings in a locker near the entrance, rather than adorning a desk with them. There are meeting rooms, other places to discuss with employees and make telephone calls; but also, for solitary working, there are quiet zones. If a member of staff will be away from a desk for more than one hour and a half then the workspace must be cleared.

Bali Padda ,Chief Operations Officer and Executive Vice President for LEGO Group, said: “For us, this is a move towards an office culture that embraces the diversity of the entire organisation and offers a work environment that allows employees from very different parts of our organisation to learn from each other and thereby allows us to think and act more holistically – ultimately making better decisions”.

This new London office is a pilot-run which could establish new working practises across the LEGO Group, which will continue to be head-quartered in Billund, Denmark.

The new offices, which replaces its base in Slough, will initially employ around 120 staff, although there is the expectation that this will grow to 200 during 2015.


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LEGO new London office

LEGO Opens London office

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