ITV Broadcast an Entire Advertisement Break with LEGO Animation

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Viewers of ITV’s Dancing on Ice were treated to some LEGO animation during a commercial break.

With a feature length film just released in the USA and its UK opening on 14th February, it was surprising that these three minutes were not just used to promote the forthcoming motion picture.

Instead, we were informed by Mr. Vincent Jones on behalf of the British Heart Foundation on how to perform hands-only CPR; this will almost definitely save real, rather than just ABS plastic lives.

After that, a baseball cap wearing youth saves some money on car insurance thanks to and its efficient robot. Then, a couple of hairstyles recognisable from Harry Potter LEGO sets get a new outing thanks to a plug for the debatably wizard fibre optic broadband service provided British Telecom.

Next, the voice of Mr. Lenny Henry tries to convince us that a comfortable night in a hotel can be had without room service nor a well-stocked mini-bar.

Finally, we get to see a few seconds of the LEGO Movie, as if our appetites were not whetted enough for its forthcoming release.