Spin To Sing NOW ONLY£16 from The Entertainer

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Spin To Sing is an app based board game with a microphone that provides fun for wannabe pop stars. The game is currently being sold for just £16 at The Entertainer toy shops, reduced from their normal price of £22.99.


Spin It, Sing It, Win it! Spin the microphone to select a performer who has to sing to one of the tracks on your mobile phone. The other players score your performance and at the end, the performer with the highest average score wins. Jeopardy cards add a hilarious twist to a performance, challenging players to sing like a mouse or go operatic. The app plays a winner’s best bits photo montage at the end – just like a real talent show.

  • Up to 6 players
  • Free app to download – iPhone and Android compatible
  • 18 x Jeopardy  Cards included
  • App uses music from your smartphone
  • App will take candid ‘selfies’ of your performance as you sing and compile them into your winner’s journey
Spin To Sing NOW ONLY £16.00 at The Entertainer 
Offer ends: unknown.

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