Christmas Monopoly Board Game from John Lewis & Partners

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Picture of Christmas Monopoly Board Game
Christmas Monopoly Board Game

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Retailer’s Description

“No funny business here, just pure, unadulterated family ‘fun’. It’s the game that never ends, causes more fights than any other board game out there and will have you wondering why you ever gave up eating turkey just to be dealt a lesson in real estate; yes, it’s classic Monopoly. Deceptively simple until you’re about two hours into a game and realise the bank’s been ‘accidentally’ short-changing you, you travel around the board collecting properties, building houses and hotels in an attempt to get the most amount of money and bankrupt other players. If you really do have a ruthless competitive nature in you though and are looking to become a Champion of Monopoly, here’s a pro tip: the clue’s in the name. It’s not about accumulating properties; it’s about bankrupting your opponents as quickly as possible. To have just enough so that everybody else has nothing. We wish you all the best luck. Just don’t come crying back to us when your family don’t talk to you for a week because you can’t stop winning!”

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Supplier/Brand name : Monopoly
Product Dimensions : H40 x W27 x D5cm
John Lewis stock code : 238911044
Bar code (EAN/UPC) : 5036905024358

Picture of Christmas Monopoly Board Game

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