Easter Treats of the Non-Edible Kind

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I won’t pretend to be totally innocent of over indulging in the sweeter ways of devouring the end product of cacao seeds, however, I can tell you first-hand that once the sugar rush ends, you are left with nothing except a hunger from more or an achingly full stomach.

So, let’s give children something that may be cherished for a little longer, even possibly eternity, by visiting a local toy store and spending a sum of money that is similar to that is charged for over-priced, over-packaged confectionary that is now brought to us by numerous non-Quaker-owned American conglomerates.

6 Pack Paint your Own Easter Egg Set

Decorate Your Own Eggs by 1st Years

This arts and crafts kit is an ideal way to instil creativity during Easter weekend. Eggs, six little paint pots and a paintbrush are included.

Available from My First Years | £10

LEGO Easter Painting Set

LEGO Easter Painting Set from Tesco number 40121

Listed as a discontinued item on LEGO’s website, the rather witty Easter Painting Set (#40121) is available in the UK from the supermarket that likes to claim “Every little helps.”

Available from Tesco | £6

Playmobil Eggs

Playmobil 4947 Footballer (soccer player) with goal

For a number of years Playmobil have been packaging appealing toys including a figurine inside a plastic egg-shaped shell. This year, themes include Mermaid with Seahorses, Pirate on a Treasure hunt, Association Footballer with Goal, and a Zookeeper with an Alpaca.

Available from many independent toy shops | £6.99

Toybox Rosie Rabbit

ELC Early Learning Centre Toybox Rosie Rabbit

A toy rabbit with articulated arms and legs that click when you move them, and a differently textured material for its ears to provide a sensory experience for young children.

Available from Early Learning Centre | £4

Bella Cuddly Soft Toy Rabbit

Big Jigs Bella Soft Toy Bunny Rabbit

Bella is a colourful and cuddly bunny rabbit that is available in two sizes, both are suitable for newborn children.

Available from When I Was A Kid | from £8.50

Clockwork Chick

Clockwork wind-up chick toy

This clockwork chick hops along when wound-up, also available from the same online retailer is a rabbit version of the toy.

Available from Toyday| £2.99


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