ISIS Threaten Sylvania Artwork Withdrawn from Passion for Freedom Exhibition

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ISIS invade a Sylvanian picnic

Artwork made with Sylvanian Families toys has been removed from an exhibition which was supposed to be a celebration of freedom of expression. Passion for Freedom London Art Festival was a six-day event in Mall Galleries, St James’s Park that ended yesterday, the withdrawn art was a series of seven pictures titled ISIS Threaten Sylvania.

The tableaux show the little animal figurines enjoying everyday life but there is a sinister twist, a black-clad, weapon wielding group of terrorists called MICIS (MICE-IS) loom on the horizon. The works were made by an artist operating under the pseudonym Mimsy.

Police raised concerns about this part of the exhibition, describing it as “inflammatory” and advised that it would cost £36,000 to secure the event against the threat of possible violent attack and that they would expect the artist or organisers to pay. The exhibition went ahead without Sylvanian Families but did include all the other works in the programme, including Iranian artist Maryam Deyhim’s life-sized figure of a woman dressed in a hijab decorated with chains.

ISIS attack the Sylvanian beach resort

Sylvanian satire seems to be the a particular problem for Westminster police, the tableaux were displayed and well received at the Art 15 fair in Olympia in May.

ISIS attack the Sylvanians girls school

The artist hopes to publish prints and a book featuring the artwork in the near future.

ISIS Storm a Sylvanian Beer Festival

ISIS Attack Sylvanian Gay Pride

ISIS on the Sylvanian evening news

ISIS Threatens Sylvanis - Death in Sylvania

Photographic evidence : Mimsy - ISIS Threaten Sylvania
Informer : The Guardian
Further evidence : Independent, Telegraph and The People/Mirror

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