Papo Figurines: Polar Bear from John Lewis

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Picture of Papo Figurines: Polar Bear
Papo Figurines: Polar Bear

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Retailer’s Description

“Papo figurines are highly detailed and designed to inspire creative, imaginative play among children of all ages. Each one is meticulously hand painted and realistic. Recognizable by its white coat which ensures a perfect camouflage on the pack ice, the polar bear is with the elephant seal and the Kodiak bear one of the largest carnivores terrestrial. Present only on pack ice around the North Pole and at the edge of the Arctic Ocean, it has a thick layer of fat that isolates it from the extreme temperatures of its habitat. Today, global warming is disrupting its way of life and leading to a decline in the population, making it a species at risk.”

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Supplier/Brand name : Papo
Product Dimensions : 14 x 7 x 7cm
John Lewis stock code : 237680736
Bar code (EAN/UPC) : 3465000501723

Picture of Papo Figurines: Polar Bear

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