Papo Figurines: Tiger from John Lewis & Partners

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Picture of Papo Figurines: Tiger
Papo Figurines: Tiger

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Retailer’s Description

“Papo figurines are highly detailed and designed to inspire creative, imaginative play among children of all ages. Each one is meticulously hand painted and realistic.   Originating from Asia, the tiger is today considered an endangered species and is protected.   This Sumatran male tiger is certainly an impressive sight, with its stripes, its stare and its slinky, feline movements. A symbol of courage, it is the undisputed master of its home territory in Asia. This carnivorous mammal is the largest feline in the world. It can easily be recognised by its colouring and distinctive black stripes, with a pattern specific to each tiger. When it hunts, this formidable predator mainly eats stags, wild boar, buffalo and sometimes even crocodiles.”

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Supplier/Brand name : Papo
Product Dimensions : L15 x W4 x H7cm
John Lewis stock code : 234086468
Bar code (EAN/UPC) : 3465000500047

Picture of Papo Figurines: Tiger

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