Power Rangers Legacy Mighty Sabertooth Zord from The Entertainer

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Picture of Power Rangers Legacy Mighty Sabertooth Zord
Power Rangers Legacy Mighty Sabertooth Zord

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Retailer’s Description

“Power up your playtime or collection with the Mighty Morphin Sabertooth Tiger Zord from Power Rangers Legacy. The Legacy range brings classic toys back to life with more detail and better parts, so don’t miss this collectible figure. Piloted by the Yellow Ranger, the Sabertooth Tiger Zord is famous for its fearsome teeth. It’s also known for its speed and tail, which has a cannon for firing yellow lasers. Almost 25cm long, your Zord has multiple points of articulation which make it great for play or display. It comes with a 6.5cm Yellow Ranger figure, which fits in the Zord’s cockpit. Keep an eye out for other collectibles in the Legacy range, including the Mighty Morphin T-Rex Zord. Ideal for adult collectors or kids aged 4 and up. Includes: Sabertooth Tiger Zord Yellow Ranger”

Recommended age group : 4 – 10 years

Supplier/Brand name : Power Rangers Legacy
Product Dimensions :
The Entertainer stock code : 534026_saber
Bar code (EAN/UPC) : 3296580403059

Picture of Power Rangers Legacy Mighty Sabertooth Zord

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