Season’s Greeting Lego-Style from DMI Productions

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Numerous Yuletide salutations have been received by the Toy Detective Agency in the form of corporate branded greetings cards landing on the office door mat.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful – after-all I’m told it’s the thought that counts – but these mail-merged efforts will not take centre-place on my mantel piece this Christmas, nor any other.

So, it was quite refreshing to see that the time, care and effort far greater than most would expend on hand-writing and envelope -licking has gone into making a stop-time animation made with LEGO bricks and computer generated images.

DMI Productions (based in Ashford, Middlesex) has posted a message of season’s greetings, not just to me but to the whole world via a 92 second video on YouTube; enjoy.

Further evidence : YouTube

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