Sylvanian Families are Going for Gold but not at the Olympic Games

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Sylvanian Families Games Athletics Set (4585)Sylvanian Families have been enjoying their traditional way of life in quaint surroundings for 25 years. During those years, the inhabitants of Sylvania have enjoyed concerts, dances, birthday parties and other get-togethers, however, competitive sport has been lacking from the calico critters’ social calendar.

That changes this year, as the inaugural Sylvanian Games is staged. A variety of sports will take place at purpose-built athletics, gymnastics, swimming and show jumping arenas.

Co-incidently, the Sylvanian Games clashes with the 2012 London Olympic Games. However, rather than post-pone the event, organisers of the London games are resigned to the fact that the Olympics will be thoroughly upstaged by the sporting pursuits of the residents of Sylvania. All these toys are available to buy now, at The Entertainer.

Sylvanian Families Games Athletics Set (4585): complete contents
Sylvanian Families Athletics Set (item # 4585) £20

Dressed in gym kits, golden labrador Ron Barker and red deer Jessica Buckley are having a track and field day.

The athletics set comes equipped with: 2 figures; 2 relay batons; 2 discus; 2 shot putts; 2 javelins; 2 medals; 3 hurdles; high jump; winner’s podium; whistle; marker flags; storage bench and a running track that pieces together like a jigsaw.

Sylvanian Families Gymnastics Set (4586): complete contents
Sylvanian Families Gymnastics Set (item # 4586) £18

Judy Darwin is an agile monkey gymnast, training hard for her chance to win a medal. Ken Golightly is the cat coaching Judy. The well-equipped gymnasium includes: 2 figures; vault; balance beam; hoop; rhythmic ribbon; 2 rhythmic clubs and a cardboard gym mat.

Sylvanian Families Swimming Set (4587): complete contents
Sylvanian Games Swimming Set (item # 4587) £12

Bertie and Bella Patches are dressed in their swimwear, ready dive in the pool and compete for glory. Also included with the two dog figurines are: towels; medals; a stopwatch; a little book for recording race times and a “Learn to Swim” guide (learn quickly pups, it’s not long before the games begin).

Sylvanian Families Games Show Jumping Set (4588): complete contents

Sylvanian Games Show Jumping Set (item # 4588) £20

Jester the pony has been groomed and Kirstie is dressed in her jodhpurs, smart red riding jacket and riding helmet; both are now ready for the gymkhana events.

This set comes with: posable Kirstie figure, posable Jester horse, pole jump, walled jump with removable section, bucket, comb, brush, two rosettes, a certificate and a winner’s cup.

Sylvanian Families Games Winners Podium (4398)

Sylvanian Games Winner’s Podium Set (item # 4398) £14

The years of dedicated training and self-discipline becoming instantly worthwhile if you earn a place upon an Olympic podium. Many of the Sylvanian Families are going for gold as wel;l and they also have a podium of their own ready for the medal awards ceromony. Included in this set are: Jocelyn Springer, Suraya Blackberry and Adam Macey figurines; gold, silver and bronze medals; and the winners’ podium.

Sylvanian Families Games Souvenir Shop (4397): complete contents Sylvanian Games Zoe Barker’s Souvenir Shop (item # 4397) £30

The land of the Sylvanians provides an image of utopian social realism, with its many creatures going about daily lives of teaching, shopkeeping, toiling on the land and other labours. So, it’s no surprise that someone is trying to earn an honest crust at the games. Zoe Barker runs the souvenir shop, selling: programmes, drinks, flags, t-shirts, soft toy mascots and more from a prime location next to the grandstand. This set includes: a dog figurine, shop, a variety of merchandise and grandstand seating.

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