Tamagotchi : a New Wave of Retro Virtual Pets for 2018

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Tamagotchi Wave 2 Pink in packaging

Tamagotchi was 1997’s most wanted toy, long queues formed outside shops during the summer months with the public hoping to get their hands on these electronic digital pets. Sometimes, desperate shoppers had to make do with alternatives, such as Giga-pets. Its popularity continued all the way to Christmas.

Over the next two decades, various updates on Bandai’s hit toy were released and as popular as they were, the children of the 1990s only seem to lament the original bleeping, screen-dwelling hatchling.

Last year, the twentieth anniversary, saw the return of the familiar first Tamagotchi. Although it was not quite from the same mould. It was much smaller than the original.

Again, Tamagotchi became a most wanted toy, achieving sell-out success and some shoppers were left empty-handed.

Fortunately, there is another chance to get your mitts on one of these toys as Bandai has released a another wave with six different designs. Of course, you may also want to collect them all, grab a new design you fancy or have had a complete change of mind about what your favourite colour is.

Each Tamagotchi is £10, which cheaper than they were ten years ago.

They are available now, from The Entertainer.

Tamagotchi - Purple and Blue

Purple and blue

Tamagotchi - White and Red

White and red

Tamagotchi - Transparent Green

Transparent green

Tamagotchi - Yellow and Orange

Yellow and orange

Tamagotchi - Dark Pink

Dark pink

Tamagotchi - Transparent Purple

Transparent purple

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