Thunderbirds Are Go on London’s River Thames

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Thunderbird 4 Thames London Tower Bridge

Thunderbird 4 took a trip along the Thames yesterday morning. The submersible vehicle – that is best know in Gerry Anderson’s famous puppet-animated television series as undertaking deep sea rescue missions – impressed with speed but stayed above water.

Firstly because it was there to be seen, showboating ahead of the broadcasting of Thunderbirds Are Go, a new computer animated version on ITV. Secondly, it wasn’t really a submersible vehicle but an impressively-well crafted fibreglass replica that took prop-makers six weeks to build.

Thunderbird 4 Thames London Gerkin Shard Walkie Talkie

This was, of course, a publicity stunt to remind us to tune-in to ITV on Saturday evening. Not that all of our readers will need reminding, in fact, I hear some fresh Betamax tapes being unwrapped now.

Thunderbird 4 Thames London Eye

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