Tiny Love Gymini Tiny Farm Baby Activity Mat from John Lewis & Partners

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Picture of Tiny Love Gymini Tiny Farm Baby Activity Mat
Tiny Love Gymini Tiny Farm Baby Activity Mat

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Retailer’s Description

“Created to inspire exploration and discovery in a child’s growing mind, the redesigned Tiny Farm Gymini Kick & Play introduces babies to brand new friendly characters in the Tiny Pioneers family. Simply slide the connector to move the adjustable arches and shift between the two modes of play—closed or open arches, allowing your baby to enjoy the extra-large play mat. The Gymini features an engaging dual-sided electronic response pad that triggers feedback through lights and music in both modes. The mat can be used in three ways through various stages of your baby’s life – kick and play, tummy time for younger babies or sit and play for when they’re older and able to sit up on their own. This mat is not only fun but is designed to develop 7 key areas as babies grow: Cognition – kicking and tapping on the responsive pad with the music and light feedback encourage your baby’s understanding of cause and effect Emotional intelligence- characters’ big eyes contribute to newborns’ emotional intelligence -characters with big eyes and smiling faces are easier for babies to focus on and provide babies with important social and emotional information Fine motor skills- adjust the sliding rings to bring the hanging toys within your baby’s reach. As babies grasp and bat the toys they practice their hand and finger muscles, developing fine motor skills Gross motor skills- The responsive kicker distracts your baby from the extended tummy time with stimulating activities while baby activates the back, neck and shoulder muscles Imagination & creativity- telling stories opens up a world of imagination, our characters toys can be used to develop imaginative play, promoting creative thinking and improvisation skills Language & communication- talking to your baby plays a major role in communication development. Adjusting the arches helps to create a comfortable space for bonding and interaction Senses- Babies love touching objects to explore the world around them. The toys will enrich your baby’s tactile experience and foster a deeper understanding of their surroundings.”

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Supplier/Brand name : Tiny Love
Product Dimensions : H45 x W115 x D106cm
John Lewis stock code : 238432901
Bar code (EAN/UPC) : 7290108862393

Picture of Tiny Love Gymini Tiny Farm Baby Activity Mat

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