Toys R Us Reveal New TV Advert During ITV’s Xfactor

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Toys R Us has broadcast a new television advert during ITV’s Xfactor talent show.

The 30 second long computer animation invokes memories of adverts from Christmas past with the inclusion of the jingle from a previous fondly remembered advert with lyrics that begin with : “There’s a magical place.”

Nostalgia aside, the advert tells a new story where Santa Claus parks his sleigh outside a Toys R Us in order to store pick up items on children’s wish-lists, however, instead of driving his reindeer onwards to complete his annual glory-trip, Saint Nicolas finds his flying labour force distracted and playing with items inside Toys R Us.

Fear not, Geoffrey the Giraffe steps up to take-on the burden of pulling a sleigh laden with Christmas gifts.

After-all, its probably far too late and far too risky to entrust delivery in the hands of any old courier company.

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