Voltron Myzak Action Figure from The Entertainer

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Picture of Voltron Myzak Action Figure
Voltron Myzak Action Figure

£ 10.00

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Retailer’s Description

“Voltron – Defender of the Universe! First formed 10,000 years ago to protect the galaxy from evil. A mighty warrior standing at over 100 meters tall and assembled from five robot lions.  Now, five young heroes from earth must master the power of Voltron to defeat the Galra empire and restore peace! Myzax was the first gladiator to be transformed into a mighty Robeast by Zarkon’s witch, Haggar. He is heavily armoured and has a powerful plasma ball that he uses to attack Voltron! You can harness the power of this fearsome creature, fire it’s projectile attack, and battle Voltron toe to toe! Fire his energy ball projectile feature! 8+ points of articulation 5.5" scale figure 8 to collect ”

Recommended age group : 4 – 12 years

Supplier/Brand name : Voltron
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The Entertainer stock code : 533540_1A00
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Picture of Voltron Myzak Action Figure

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